Why Choose The Learning Italian Like Crazy System?

Most learning-Italian programs using boring non-engaging methods to teach Italian. With the Learning Italian Like Crazy system, not only will you learn how to speak real conversational Italian but our fun and interactive method will have you looking forward to practicing Italian with our program on a daily basis.

  • Fun and Interactive Method
  • With emphasis on everyday, conversational Italian
  • Guaranteed results

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Here's What Our Customers Say

"If you just put in the time and effort with this program, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re learning how to speak Italian."

Liz J.

Saint Paul, MN

“I hope you give Learning Italian Like Crazy a try, because I think you’ll be very pleased.”

Becker R. 

Arlington, VA

“As someone who is not naturally gifted at learning a foreign language, this company's teaching methods have given me the confidence to learn Italian or any other language with this method.”

John W.

Manchester, England

Get Instant Access to the
Learning Italian Like Crazy System

and start learning how to speak real, conversational Italian today!

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More Nice Words From Twitter

"Once again, I am happy with this company’s foreign-language-learning products. I have been meeting with some native Italian speakers online several times a week. I help them with their English and they help me with my Italian. When I tell them that I have only been studying Italian for only a few months, they find it hard to believe."

Kacey M.


"I never thought learning to speak Italian could be so easy.  One thing that I really like about this program is that it keeps me engaged unlike the other programs that I've tried which were so boring that I never even finished them. Grazie! to the LILC team for making this program so fun and engaging."

Matthew G


"After using this foreign-language system to learn Spanish, I decided to give this system another try so that I can learn Italian. And I’m so happy I did. Even though I’m less than half way through this program, I feel really confident that with this method I will eventually speak Italian fluently."

Shijia Chen


"I have always wanted to learn how to speak Italian. This all audio approach has made it both convenient and fun for me."

Malik M. 


Get Instant Access to the
Learning Italian Like Crazy System

and start learning how to speak real, conversational Italian today!

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Yes, this is an MP3 audio program which makes it possible to use the program on your desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.


With your purchase you will receive the following two bonuses:
1.) Digitally-remastered Foreign Service Institute’s Programmatic Italian One which consists of the following:
- Over 17 Hours of recorded Italian lessons to help you master Italian.
- The same course that the U.S. Government has used for decades to teach diplomats and other key government personnel to quickly learn how to speak Italian fluently.
- Native Italian speakers in all of the Lessons to continue to reinforce the pronunciation, pitch, and tone that you learn with Learning Italian Like Crazy.
- The complete course textbook in PDF format so that you can conveniently take the course "textbook" with you wherever you go
- A complete digitally re-mastered version of FSI Programmatic Italianto give you the best sound quality possible.
2.)  Digitally-remastered Foreign Service Institute’s Italian FAST Course:
Italian FAST Course consists of thirty lessons that have been prepared with accompanying audio recordings. The Italian FAST course is designed as a survival language course with an emphasis on developing the necessary language skills to handle the most frequently encountered situations while traveling in Italy. Instead of a structured, grammatically-sequenced set of lessons, the course stresses communication in everyday practical situations. From social encounters to the workplace.


We offer a no-questions asked full money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with this program, just let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we will completely refund your money.